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Wow no one's posted in like forever.

Well good news for BCers and north west Americans, MCR will be playing the Virgin Festival in Vancouver this year on May 20!!!!! And I get to go *Does a little happy dance*. Totally can't wait.
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NBC Promos.

Hi. I just thought I'd let everyone know that if they're a fan of the show Friday Night Lights they should keep their eyes and ears open. You'll find that NBC is currently running promos for the show that plays the instrumental piano part of the beginning of "Welcome to the Black Parade" in the background. :)
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kerrang - this weeks issue

Hi guys

My name is Sharon - and I live in Australia. I am one of the maintainers of the Aus MCRmy, a group we have established over LJ and had many successful missions. I am writing as I have heard we are mentioned in the letters sections (Sydney Black Parade)of this weeks kerrang magazine. In Australia we get kerrang 2 months behind, so if someone has this issue and can look to see if we are in the letters section, and then scan the letters section if so, I will be eternally greatful.



the NorVa

i dont know if this is allowed, but i was wondering if anyone here bought tickets to the dec. 1st show at the NorVa that they want to get rid of, I am willing to pay as much as you want me too.
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Hey guys. I've been listening to the album over and over again and I've read the book that came with the Lmt Ed.

But I was just wondering, what do you think the next music clip will be? I think it will be either Mama or House of Wolves. I was listening to House of Wolves a few minutes ago and the line 'Everybody burn the house right down' reminded me of when Gerard said that their new clip involved fire and it was so hot. So I think it's that, or Mama because of the recurring line 'Mama, we all go to hell' and hell is apparently very hot.

And go.