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We ARE The Black Parade!

Oh wow.
Okay, so after reading these comments, it dawned on me why the new slogan is "We Are The Black Parade".
Because we, the band My Chemical Romance, and the fans, ARE the Black Parade!
Because I was wondering why it would be printed on t-shirts, if it's only MCR who are The Black Parade.

But what if this is some type of group, which, being the fans, we are part of?
I can't explain how exactly, because we don't know what The Black Parade is for sure.
I guess this kind of disproves the whole The Black Parade being an alter ego band of MCR.
Which I'm not against.
But I'm just saying, what if it's a new...gang/cult/group/whatever.

In any case, I think it's really neat how the Black Parade is bringing us together. :3
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