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What Is The Black Parade? Posted July 29th, 2006

My Chemical Romance fans are stratching their heads due to some confusing conflicting reports about something called “The Black Parade“.

It was first reported that music video auteur Sam Bayer (who recently did The Strokes’ “You Only Live Once” video) is slated to direct the new vid for a My Chemical Romance song called “The Black Parade”. Brilliant, totally makes sense.

But then news gossipy sites like Absolute Punk and Mammoth Press reported that “The Black Parade” had been signed to Riot Squad Records, which is owned by Brian Schechter who manages MCR via his Riot Squad management company, and that “the band’s site will fully launch soon.”

TheBlackParade.com web site was registered only in June of this year by Riot Squad: A Management Company and is currently being used to hawk TBP tshirts for 7.99 bucks. And guess who’s handling your transaction? None other than Warner Brothers Records, home of bands like Head Automatica and…My Chemical Romance.

In addition to this, TBP packages have been sent out to MCRmy soldiers with a TBP sticker with “October 2006″ written on the back, with a poster and wrapped in a piece of paper that has, "XoXoXo, MCR",  scrawled on it.

And Detroit was recently snipped with TBP posters:

…and other major cities like Chicago and Philly have gotten the same treatment. Some concert-going kids are getting TBP stickers at Warped Tour.

Yet Warner Brothers Web site lists The Black Parade as one of the “bands” you can sign up for their email list.

SO WHAT IS THE BLACK PARADE? Some guesses are: MCR’s new album, MCR’s new single, a MCR side project, a musical supergroup containing members of MCR, some kind of special MCR fanclub…


RELATED LINKS: Want to spy some more on TBP…no matter what is is? Check out what looks like might be the official Myspace page, their blank Purevolume page. Also check out the TBP LJ community.

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