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Has anyone read this?

I was just reading around LJ, and I found this girl's journal from somewhere, (probably off a link on here), and it just intrigued me -

'I heard that one of the two artists who worked on the comic with Gerard (I'm almost certain Frank mentioned that it was the guy who did the covers for the comic, so this would be James Jean) also did the cover art for the brand new My Chem album (!!!!), that Frank hadn't yet shown Jamia the album cover art yet (and he's all *enthusiastic face* "Holy shit, it's AMAZING!"), and that he had a picture of it on his Sidekick which he proceeded to show her at such an angle that the screen was facing away from me, so I saw their faces as they reacted to it but I couldn't catch a glimpse of what it looked like. And it's a testament to how surreal the whole thing was that I'm only now realizing the magnitude of that whole last bit. Holy shit. You heard it here first, I guess!!'

She was talking about a conversation she overhead between Frank and Jamia at the comic convention where Gerard's comic was being... released - for lack of a better word - it's called The Umbrella Academy.

I'm not sure if anyone on here has already discussed this, or if it's even relevant to whatwe're discussing, but I thought it could be mildy important.
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