Hobo Cake. Like cake. But homeless. (hobocake) wrote in theblackparade,
Hobo Cake. Like cake. But homeless.

I really hope this posts gets through. With all the Snow White/funeral procession talk going on I think we forget that it's all been done before.

Long before we ever heard of The Black Parade.

"Helena also made a recent appearance — this time in three-dimensional form — during MCR's two-shows-in-one-day stint at the London Astoria. While throngs of black-clad fans waited outside the club, a rickety hearse rolled down the street, followed by a funeral procession of fans decked out in pancake makeup and Victorian garb. Inside the hearse, resting in an actual coffin and surrounded by bouquets of flowers, was one very lucky girl who got to act as the cadaver featured in the video."

I can't recall the details of the story but Snow White was buried in a glass coffin. The girl in the funeral procession mentioned above was also behind glass.

I think if we truly wanna start at the beginning we must start where My Chem originally got the idea for TBP. And I think that was back in London


I don't know what you're doing now but I think I'm gonna go and watch TV. I'm 23 years old, I don't have time to waste on shit like this. haha
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