Ziggy Starlex Is Dead! (artallthetime) wrote in theblackparade,
Ziggy Starlex Is Dead!


Did you all happen to notice, really notice, the Anon posts?

This morning/early afternoon they were clues, some signed, but all of them seemed to have a purpose.  And in fact the last Anon comment we got said something to the effect that they were pretty much gonna leave us to own own devices, till we figured it out on our own.

And then they suddenly come back? 

The other comments besides the original four (five if you count the last one) were just poems. Not actual clues like the first ones, just little verses- that aren't even original -that led us nowhere but in circles.

It doesn't seem very likely that Mr. Anon from this morning is the same anon as tonight.

Just saying... I'm hoping all the anon business is done, actually. Everyone (myself included) went right over the edge with all this... whoever said it originally was right. We need to chillax, yo.

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