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Posted by Scott Heisel on 31-Jul-06 @ 04:26 PM

New Jersey goth-punks My Chemical Romance have announced a release date for their forthcoming third album. The release, still untitled, is set to hit stores on Oct. 24 via Reprise. It was recorded earlier this year in Los Angeles by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Alanis Morissette).

"Rob was integral to this project," says guitarist Frank Iero in a statement. "He has such a pure love of music that it becomes infectious. He can talk about music in terms of emotions, and help you convey those emotions in the correct way." Adds guitarist Ray Toro: "Sonically, Rob is a master. It is a joy to watch him craft tones that make your song sound like you always dreamed it would."

"We want this to be the album that My Chemical Romance is remembered for," says bassist Mikey Way. "We all have records that shaped our childhood and teen years. When you hear a song, it shoots you back to a moment in time. We want this album to do that for people. We want the entire world to be moved."

The band have stayed busy even while recording: They released a CD/DVD retrospective earlier this year, and just last week, frontman Gerard Way announced plans to launch a comic book miniseries.

So the date IS October 24 and they haven't officialy released the title. But they did make an official statement, apparently. Oh how I'd love to get my hands on that...
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