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People in parades are strong, are a team, work together, eradicate problems, LOVE EACHOTHER.

*Coughsplutter*  Like i said in a now-deleted post we all get on and know eachother, but we dont really KNOW

Your Name, age, why you love The Black Parade comm, what you do for a living/are you in education?, do you have a picture? if so, post a LINK to it, what you HOPE TBP is, not what you THINK, or ZOMG NEW THEORY, but what you personally hope it is.

1 - My name is Maz.
2 - I am 19 (on Saturday!), i live in Southampton, UK.
3 - I love this community because its bringing MyChem fans together, even if it turns out not to be MyChem related, then we all now have amazing practise at working as a team.
4 - I am unemployed.
5 - My cute *cough* little pierced face is rightttttt here :
6 - I hope that WE are The Black Parade. I hope that this was all planned, for us to join as a team, to grow up as MyChem have been doing, to become as one huge group of friends that will follow 5 amazing men. Isnt it so amazing, that all they do is their job, and yet, we love them so much for it? Can you imagine....An Electricians Parade? Non? Me either.

I am very pleased to meet all of you.

If anyone sees an anonymous nasty. Please hit that little cross button and delete it. Do not retaliate, even if it's a personal attack. Ignore it and move on. We need to show that this can be done maturely. If we all stick together there shouldnt be any need to change a thing around here. People get bored and leave if they realise they wont win. (am i kidding myself here?)

EDIT: OH and because everyone else is doing it! My Myspace is Add me if you like but if you dont speak after about a fortnight ill forget who you were and ill delete you :D
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