Claire. (dozen_reasons) wrote in theblackparade,

I'm sorry if this has already been posted, but i'm too tired to go looking through everything.

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I sat up thinking...

Who remembers the Helen funeral pressesion in London?

The funeral - The Black Parade

I can't remember Brians exact words, but it was something like 'I have no idea why the record company wanted to do it. I think they just wanted to see if they could pull it off.

Why did they want to see if they could pull it off? Are they going to do something bigger, something that is The Black Parade?

I know most of us (including me) believe the 'Ziggy Stardust theory', but there's a chance it could be something more.

And then I thought about LOTMS. Have you noticed that on the little movie-thingys between scene selections, there's writing that hard to read? Well, I could have been hallucinating due to the fact I got 2 hours sleep in the last 24 hours, but it looked like it said We want you. That was on the one with the photographs on disc one.

I know I was probably just seeing things, but if it does say that, why do they want us? Then I thought of a Gerard quote: 'It feels like it's us and our fans against the world'

Do they want us to do something? Given that Gerard dresses as a preist sometimes, maybe he's the leader.

Also, a couple of other things I noticed:

The Black Flag My Chem logo. What do you sometimes carry at parades?

The font on the Black Parade website, and the font on parts of the My Chem flash site, they're similar.

Also, Frank has been quoted as saying something about his tattoos 'remembering things'. Maybe one of his tattoos is conected?

Sorry for all the typos, blame it on my tired-nees.

Insomnia is a good thing.

Edit: everything else seems to be public, so I changed it.
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