July 18th, 2006

Demoltion Lovers

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I just joined this community but I've been following the mystery since Steve asked the MCRmy kids in LA to come early and help with a special suprise..

Is the www.theblackparade.com down again right now for anyone else besides me?

perhaps that means SOMETHING will hapen.. soon?

Demoltion Lovers

solved =(

From the MCRmy boards:

Ok, so I went to NetworkSoultions.com and saw that Theblackparade.com was a URL owned by Riot Squad and Brian Schechter. I also so a phone number, lol. Being the budding journalist, I felt compelled to call the number and see what was going on.

I asked the receptionist if she could give me any information on The Black Parade. Who is it? What is it? Who's involved.

She replied, "Why?"

And I said, "Because I want to know. I went to the website, and there was just a mailing list. What information can you give me?"

Receptionist: What is this in regard to? Who are you? I'm not really sure if I can tell you.

Me: You're not sure? Why not?

Receptionist: Yeah, I don't think I can give you that information. I just need to know what this call is in regards to.

Me: There's have a website and a mailing list, but you can't tell me about it?

Receptionist: Well, it's a new band. I'm not really sure if I'm allowed to say this because they aren't really "out" yet.




Edit Oh man.. i didn't mean to bum everyone out. I don't know if the receptionist was telling the truth or not. I just thought I'd repost from the boards cos i thought you'd all like to know.
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so, who else thinks the secretary chick was just covering up?

no, she was telling the truth.
I just want info about this shit, dude.

PEE ESS - THE WEBSITES FOR BOTH BANDS ARE BACK UP I THINK. :l oh and cool there's like 50ish members/watchers now. sweet. HAI EVERYONE! *waves*

and idk if anyone will care about this, but the black parade myspace has a layout and a mailing-list-joiny-thingy installed, i think. hmm.

yay edit three! k, so here's why I think it's fake... even if they were so amazing that they WERE a local band w/o a record deal that jumped up to major label and manager like that, the my chem fanbase is so diverse that SOMEONE must have heard of them before. edit four: eeeee so now they're on a list of artists? eek it just doesn't make sense. =/ aslkfjasldkfs.