July 30th, 2006

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Blonde Pic

Does anyone know where the photo of Gerard as a blonde that has MCRBPCHAR.TEST.002 at the bottom originally came from? It seems like it just appeared from nowhere. But that could be me. If the "BP" is for Black Parade, knowing where it came from could help.

You realize we are probably making them giggle gleefully and shit themselves at this point, right? Not that it isn't a brilliant idea or anything.

Something to consider.

Alright, this came to me last night (well, this morning really- 3 am o.o) and I just had to tell you all.

Remember back to LOTMS? (apologies if you haven't seen it) Gerard said he likes to plan things way far in advance, ie wearing a shirt that said "Thank You For The Venom" at their very first show, and even having "Merci Pour Le Venin" on the CD jacket of "Bullets". Also, there were a lot of hintings at revenge themes in "Bullets," and lo and behold, it became the title of the next album.

He also said that he does that with album names, coming up with them as the previous record is being finished.

Annnyway, my point- "To The End" was stuck in my head for some reason, and one part in particular:

(And say goodbye) to the last parade
(And walk away) from the choice you made
(And say goodnight) to the heart you break
And all the cyanide you drank.

...think about it. "To the last parade." It's one of the last lines of the song, too. This could be more proof that it's either the album or the single. Just a thought :)

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I was thinking - If we work this out before it's officially announced, do you think the guys will be proud of us? Or really annoyed because we are too clever for them? Ahah.

or alternatly, how do you think they will tell us?

Also, has anyone shown the band/someone close to the band this community so they can laugh and exclaim over the theorising?

Also AGAIN (last time, I swear), because I don't know where else to ask - I recently moved from Australia to Britain. Barely anyone that I know in Australia is into MCR, but the few people I did meet at the December shows really wanted to get into street-teaming for them. Obviously the MCR community in England is a lot bigger, but I still really want to street-team for them. So far I have a log-in at TheStreetNetwork but that is it. I'm not very forum-savvy. Help out the eager Aussie, anyone?

And the theory goes on and on

Okay, guys. annfrank had the awesome idea that TBP is a band, an album and a song, right?

The thing that still seems to confuse people most is the mailing list for TBP. The confirmation email promised tour dates. This made me think.

You probably have heard My Chem saying they wanted to get even more theatrical, maybe include dancers and pull off an even bigger live show. At the same time, Gee stated how they wanted to get rid of the make- up and keep it real. How does this go together?

If you "reinvent yourself as people" which Frank stated they wanted to do in the new Rock Sound interview, make up a fictitious band and tour as this fictitious band you can get a lot more theatrical, be something completely different and you don't even need costumes and make- up. The people in the fictitious band are as real as can get.

Catch my drift?

So the (kinda self- titled) album "The Black Parade" introduces the band, the characters band members and the bands songs (which are ultimately My Chem songs of course). The band "signs" to the brand- new label Riot Squad Records and as a side- effect promotes the shit out of it. My Chem always like to help out friends, right?

And I'll be fucked if they don't pull it off and go on tour as The Black Parade. My Chem are big enough to not have to rely on their name to fill venues. In comes the mailing list. The tour dates for The Black Parade aka My Chem will be sent out via this new mailing list.

And for everyone who didn't bother to sign up I'm sure My Chem will send out newsletters a la "Check out our friends in The Black Parade".

Edit: I think this would explain the rumours My Chem will change their name as well. Of course they're not going to change their name. They love it! They'll just pretend to be another band for the lifespan of this album. *evil cackle*

Everyone who's still with me at this point, here's a cookie.

They said it will blow our minds and man, if that doesn't blow my mind I don't know what does.
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The TBP Mailing List.

OKay, all theories aside and stuff I had a pondering based less on speculation and more on actual fact. Fill out my little poll here so I can see if my thoughts have any validity! Thanks
For the question asking if you got an email from the list manager i mean THIS: (in case there was confusion)Collapse )

Poll #781690 TBP mailing list.

Did you sign up for TBP mailing list


Were you signed up to the MCR mailing list already?


When you signed up for TBP list you:

Used the same email you used for the MCR list
Used a different email from the one used for the MCR list
Didn't sign up

Did you recieve an email from the automated List manger for TBP?


You see where I am goign with this questioning?

Nope, freak WTF?!
Uhmm.. you're gonna explain later right?

Thanks again!
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So, just to collate the Bowie theorising that has been talked about in the comments of the last few posts.

We take this theory.

In the comments, it was stated by several people that the idea of the band taking on the persona of a fictional group, with characters, is very reminiscent of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust era. In fact, he's the only person I can think of who's ever played another character on stage. KISS, Queen etc have had themes and theatrics, but not actual characters. We know Gerard loves Bowie, and hobocake pointed out that he actually named Bowie as an influence for this album, in an interview.

Now, in case you guys aren't as familiar with Bowie as I am, the Ziggy Stardust phenomena is as follows: In 1972, 3 years after David Bowie hit it big, he released a concept album telling the story of an alien rockstar that fell to earth to save humanity from dullness, and he went on tour for that album, came out onstage dressed and made up as a totally bizarre, androgynous alien figure - Ziggy Stardust. For a long time, not only did he just sing the Ziggy Stardust album's songs, he truly WAS Ziggy Stardust onstage - a person/character entirly different to David Bowie.

The name of that concept album?

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars.

Gerard's words on album 3: "The title 'The Rise And Fall Of My Chemical Romance' was never the real title of the record, more like a code or a joke..."

So. There we go.

I think this theory is it, I really do.
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Did Anyone Notice this?

Did anyone else happen to notice this?

About the link about Bayer and The Black Parade on http://mvwire.com


On Friday

Artist: My Chemical Romance
Song: The Black Parade
Label: Warner Bros.
Director: Sam Bayer
Production Co.: HSI

On Sunday

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Has anyone ordered a BP shirt?

I was just thinking about the MCRmy members who got the stickers and posters and the little slip of paper...

Maybe when you order the shirt, you get another clue?

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So, the girl that is second on TBP's top 8 on MySpace is Amber, the MCRmy Admin.

I was reading her July 1st blog about Mikey deleting his MySpace and came across this:

The Gerard pic is a perfect example...everyone is so caught up in whether or not they like it that no one has even figured out the big picture...even though all of the details to figure it out are right infront of your eyes.

So... do you think we're right about that picture? The whole 'MCRBPCHARTEST' thing?

Thoughts, anyone?

EDIT: The picture is also in her user pics, if that has any significance. -shrugs-

Who thinks we got it?

I think we got it! You must be sick of seeing my posts by now so I'm gonna shut up real soon. BUT I think we should post to the TBP Myspace that they're fucking busted. haha

Mmh...let's vote for someone who has the honor?

Or do any of you guys think we should pretend we had no clue? I think this comm is fucking awesome and I'm super proud of how well everyone worked together! I think we should do it!
Chris Colfer <3

We ARE The Black Parade!

Oh wow.
Okay, so after reading these comments, it dawned on me why the new slogan is "We Are The Black Parade".
Because we, the band My Chemical Romance, and the fans, ARE the Black Parade!
Because I was wondering why it would be printed on t-shirts, if it's only MCR who are The Black Parade.

But what if this is some type of group, which, being the fans, we are part of?
I can't explain how exactly, because we don't know what The Black Parade is for sure.
I guess this kind of disproves the whole The Black Parade being an alter ego band of MCR.
Which I'm not against.
But I'm just saying, what if it's a new...gang/cult/group/whatever.

In any case, I think it's really neat how the Black Parade is bringing us together. :3
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Hey folks, we're famous :P


What Is The Black Parade? Posted July 29th, 2006

My Chemical Romance fans are stratching their heads due to some confusing conflicting reports about something called “The Black Parade“.

It was first reported that music video auteur Sam Bayer (who recently did The Strokes’ “You Only Live Once” video) is slated to direct the new vid for a My Chemical Romance song called “The Black Parade”. Brilliant, totally makes sense.

But then news gossipy sites like Absolute Punk and Mammoth Press reported that “The Black Parade” had been signed to Riot Squad Records, which is owned by Brian Schechter who manages MCR via his Riot Squad management company, and that “the band’s site will fully launch soon.”

TheBlackParade.com web site was registered only in June of this year by Riot Squad: A Management Company and is currently being used to hawk TBP tshirts for 7.99 bucks. And guess who’s handling your transaction? None other than Warner Brothers Records, home of bands like Head Automatica and…My Chemical Romance.

In addition to this, TBP packages have been sent out to MCRmy soldiers with a TBP sticker with “October 2006″ written on the back, with a poster and wrapped in a piece of paper that has, "XoXoXo, MCR",  scrawled on it.

And Detroit was recently snipped with TBP posters:

…and other major cities like Chicago and Philly have gotten the same treatment. Some concert-going kids are getting TBP stickers at Warped Tour.

Yet Warner Brothers Web site lists The Black Parade as one of the “bands” you can sign up for their email list.

SO WHAT IS THE BLACK PARADE? Some guesses are: MCR’s new album, MCR’s new single, a MCR side project, a musical supergroup containing members of MCR, some kind of special MCR fanclub…


RELATED LINKS: Want to spy some more on TBP…no matter what is is? Check out what looks like might be the official Myspace page, their blank Purevolume page. Also check out the TBP LJ community.

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