July 31st, 2006


Has anyone read this?

I was just reading around LJ, and I found this girl's journal from somewhere, (probably off a link on here), and it just intrigued me -

'I heard that one of the two artists who worked on the comic with Gerard (I'm almost certain Frank mentioned that it was the guy who did the covers for the comic, so this would be James Jean) also did the cover art for the brand new My Chem album (!!!!), that Frank hadn't yet shown Jamia the album cover art yet (and he's all *enthusiastic face* "Holy shit, it's AMAZING!"), and that he had a picture of it on his Sidekick which he proceeded to show her at such an angle that the screen was facing away from me, so I saw their faces as they reacted to it but I couldn't catch a glimpse of what it looked like. And it's a testament to how surreal the whole thing was that I'm only now realizing the magnitude of that whole last bit. Holy shit. You heard it here first, I guess!!'

She was talking about a conversation she overhead between Frank and Jamia at the comic convention where Gerard's comic was being... released - for lack of a better word - it's called The Umbrella Academy.

I'm not sure if anyone on here has already discussed this, or if it's even relevant to whatwe're discussing, but I thought it could be mildy important.
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mod post

okay, everyone, I have a favor to ask.

Do y'all think that, just maybe, you could cut down on the wild theorizing posts for a while? If you've already got a discussion on a theory in another post, don't make another post solely for that theory. If I keep getting multiple posts on one theory, I will be very likely to reject them.

For a while, please try not to post unless you have something extremely relevant or some new piece of evidence, okay? Something constituting 'evidence' would be something that rules out a theory or points us in the direction of a new one, much like the most recent post about singles being before albums.

Thank you everyone, continue on. Sorry if I'm abusing my ~*MOD POWEHZ*~, but it's just getting irritating. : )
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So far we've got two anonymous comments.

screencapsCollapse )

now, personally, i'm really skeptical of these because we have 250+ members and there's another 550+ people that could've linked to the comm from my myspace. this person/these people could just be stirrers having their bit of fun with us.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on this? And what are the theorys we dismissed?

edit: to disprove several things...Collapse )

anon number threeCollapse )

edit two, another anonCollapse )

I like this. :D maybe we should either a, quit listening to the anonymous kid, or b, stfu and lay off it for a while. wait for the answer to come.


A thought.

*If people have already come to this conclusion, ignore me.*

Okay sooo... TBP stickers? They said "October 2006", right? So doesn't that mean we can pretty much rule out that it's the single? Because singles come out before records do, and we already know the record's coming out in October...

Oh, and as for the little mystery comment thing, I looked up MCR songs with "promise" of some sort in their lyrics, and only got: I'm Not Okay, Vampires, Best Day Ever, and Fashion Statement.

Dunno if that matters/helps.

Out of sheer curiosity (and probably insanity) I looked up "October 24th" on Google, for a "This Day In History" kind of thing, and the only thing that really stood out to me was: 


American gangster Al Capone starts an 11 year prison sentence in Alcatraz after being found guilty of tax evasion. He is released in 1939 and dies in 1947.

...so naturally I got up and looked at my Bob action figure's prayer card, since the Saint on his was... Saint Capone. All that says though, is "In the middle of a gunfight, in the center of a restaurant, they say- come with you arms raised high..."

Coincidence? Probably. But interesting. (to me at least :P)
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(no subject)

Okay, everyone. There's been a few good theory posts but I think I'm going to summarize the one I thought most relevant here.

a funeral for who they used to be...Collapse )

but other than that...

please, everyone, slow down. We need to stop wildly guessing and throwing things up in the air with no regard. We need to perhaps, stop thinking about this for a while. Maybe regroup, in a way. Just calm down for a while, kids.

Just quit posting your theorys, quit running around (so to speak) like beheaded chickens. take heed of the post below this one. think on things. I really don't think i'm going to be approving many theory posts AT ALL if you all are just acting completely post-crazy like you have been. think about other people's flists, please. i know i, for one, don't want this community littered with a thousand theorys that later might turn out wrong.



Alright I just posted this in a comment on my last thread but-

The clue said somehting about Snow White, yeah?

And the answer is staring us right in the face.

What theory did we dismiss? That WE ARE The Black Parade.

There's a Magic Mirror in Snow White. We look in the mirror, what do we see? A very crazed MCR Fan. A member of The Black Parade.

EDIT: sanityadoration was the first person to bring the theory that we are TBP to my attention, so- kudos :)

*think- the slogan on the shirts, and the website? "WE ARE THE BLACK PARADE"*


Okay so some anonymous person just answered the following to one of my posts regarding the alter- ego- band theory:

Oh, but my dears...

You have not figured it all out yet.

There's more to this puzzle, there's more to this game.
Though your snooping is clever, there's more to this name.

I promise you.

You're on the right track. Keep your eyes open. Keeping sniffing.

I don't know about you but I take this seriously.

My Chem camp, we need more hints!

Edit: Of course it's highly possible that this is fake and we have to be extra careful. BUT I think if it was a poser who just wanted to be mean they would have given us some sort of fake hint to lead us in the wrong direction. It can't hurt to take it into consideration and try to make more out of the alter- ego theory. What did we miss?

And here's the link for fuck's sake :D
Eoin - Too sexy for my shirt

The theories...

So there were some comments saying someone should post all the theories we've come up with.
A couple hours ago for the MCRmy I did that.
I think I got most of them.
Comment with more & ones I've missed and I'll edit them in.

-buddie band
-afi mystery type thing
-side project
-new name
-new single
-new record
-supergroup of blonde lead singers
-a song, an album title and a band
-mcr becomes tbp; tours and everything as tbp
-David Bowie's/ Ziggy Stardust thing
-mcr & fans are tbp
-mcr is creating characters that are not themselves...and forming another band
-tbs/mcr/used all going on tour together
-a tour 
- a fanclub
- a literal procession of MCR and their fans like what they did in London on LOTMS 
-(we are) the black parade = (we are) the secret congratulations
Like it iself is the reward for figuring it out, and this can be worked into all of the other theories- like tbp is a band and our reward for knowing that is getting to see super huge mcr in a little venue as super tiny tbp,
or if tbp is the single or album name our reward will be getting to hear it first, etc.

So yea.. just posting this for organization.

Back to basics, then?

What is Black associated with?
What else could you call a parade?

Alright, I just couldn't let this one slip by, so I went and looked both these things up (yes, on Google), and found some stuff that might be of interest. Or you might all throw rocks at me, but it's worth a shot. At least if you're too lazy/lack the time to search, this'll be here :)

(pretty much, what we already knew about the color. I just thought the secret society thing was cool.)

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AltPress.com news post

Posted by Scott Heisel on 31-Jul-06 @ 04:26 PM

New Jersey goth-punks My Chemical Romance have announced a release date for their forthcoming third album. The release, still untitled, is set to hit stores on Oct. 24 via Reprise. It was recorded earlier this year in Los Angeles by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Alanis Morissette).

"Rob was integral to this project," says guitarist Frank Iero in a statement. "He has such a pure love of music that it becomes infectious. He can talk about music in terms of emotions, and help you convey those emotions in the correct way." Adds guitarist Ray Toro: "Sonically, Rob is a master. It is a joy to watch him craft tones that make your song sound like you always dreamed it would."

"We want this to be the album that My Chemical Romance is remembered for," says bassist Mikey Way. "We all have records that shaped our childhood and teen years. When you hear a song, it shoots you back to a moment in time. We want this album to do that for people. We want the entire world to be moved."

The band have stayed busy even while recording: They released a CD/DVD retrospective earlier this year, and just last week, frontman Gerard Way announced plans to launch a comic book miniseries.

So the date IS October 24 and they haven't officialy released the title. But they did make an official statement, apparently. Oh how I'd love to get my hands on that...


Did you all happen to notice, really notice, the Anon posts?

This morning/early afternoon they were clues, some signed, but all of them seemed to have a purpose.  And in fact the last Anon comment we got said something to the effect that they were pretty much gonna leave us to own own devices, till we figured it out on our own.

And then they suddenly come back? 

The other comments besides the original four (five if you count the last one) were just poems. Not actual clues like the first ones, just little verses- that aren't even original -that led us nowhere but in circles.

It doesn't seem very likely that Mr. Anon from this morning is the same anon as tonight.

Just saying... I'm hoping all the anon business is done, actually. Everyone (myself included) went right over the edge with all this... whoever said it originally was right. We need to chillax, yo.


(no subject)

I really hope this posts gets through. With all the Snow White/funeral procession talk going on I think we forget that it's all been done before.

Long before we ever heard of The Black Parade.

"Helena also made a recent appearance — this time in three-dimensional form — during MCR's two-shows-in-one-day stint at the London Astoria. While throngs of black-clad fans waited outside the club, a rickety hearse rolled down the street, followed by a funeral procession of fans decked out in pancake makeup and Victorian garb. Inside the hearse, resting in an actual coffin and surrounded by bouquets of flowers, was one very lucky girl who got to act as the cadaver featured in the video."

I can't recall the details of the story but Snow White was buried in a glass coffin. The girl in the funeral procession mentioned above was also behind glass.

I think if we truly wanna start at the beginning we must start where My Chem originally got the idea for TBP. And I think that was back in London


I don't know what you're doing now but I think I'm gonna go and watch TV. I'm 23 years old, I don't have time to waste on shit like this. haha

(no subject)


Take That - Never Forget

Been on this path of life for so long, Feel I've walked a thousand miles
Sometimes strolled hand in hand with love, Everybody's been there
With danger on my mind I would stand on the line of hope, I knew I could make it
Once I knew the boundaries I looked into the clouds and saw,
My face in the moonlight
Just then I realised what a fool I could be
Just cause I look so high I don't have to see me
Finding a paradise wasn't easy but still
There's a road going down the other side of this hill

Never forget where you've come here from
Never pretend that it's all real
Someday soon this will be someone else's dream

Been safe from the arms of disappointment for so long,
Feel each day we've come too far
Yet each day seems to make much more, Sure is good to be here
I understand the meaning of "I can't explain this feeling", Now it feels so unreal
At night I see the hand that reminds me of the stand I make
The fact of reality


We've come so far and we've reached so high
And we've looked each day and night in the eye
And we're still so young and we hope for more, But remember this
We're not invincible, we're not invincible, no
We're only people, we're only people
Hey we're not invincible, we're not invincible

So again I'll tell you

It works so well, i think we need to all need to go and download it and learn it, every MCR gig we go to soon, we need to make the whole crowd sing along! Bwaha.
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important post, please read it.

Okay, everyone. I'd like to say a few words, and then hear some of your own.

Since last night, when I came to the main of this community and recommended moderated posting, I was really happy that everyone was taking such an active role in this. That we had so many posts and so much theorizing and such that we NEEDED moderated posting.

In those roughly twenty-four hours, our happy little haven of wild speculation and fond theorizing has exploded into a chaotic place of tension, complaints, vague madness, and trying to figure out who's who.

There have been posts submitted in the last few hours that vaguely, yet maliciously accuse all of this community as being ignorant, naive fools. Yesterday, I wouldn't have even thought of that. Yesterday, this community was my place to come to in my downtime to contentedly pry apart the latest piece of 'evidence' about The Black Parade.

The truth is, we don't know what The Black Parade is. We will not know what The Black Parade is, not until the band and all involved parties jointly reveal it to us. Until then, we can only guess at the true definition and meaning of the virtually blank website that started all of this. And I know that I, for one, would rather guess at that in a healthy environment free from fear of the BAD anonymous commenters (for there are some good), attacks on personal logic, or the like. The last few posts have been okay but other than that, it's different now.

In this entry, please comment with suggestions on how we can better improve this community, and, perhaps, return it to the blissful state of fun prediction that it was not so very long ago.

Thank you, everyone. I might be dramatizing things just a bit, but as long as it gets the point across. Please comment, too, because I'd love to see your concerns and frustrations whatever they may be.
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Character Test?

Remember the now famous release pic of Blonde Gerard?

We all kinda think that the code at the bottom stood for character test and the black parade yes?

Has anyone wondered where the test shots of the other four are? There is only that one picture of Gerard that has leaked so far.

Does this mean it might be a solo project of Gerard's for some other purpose?

Just randomly stating what's on my mind so shoot me if you think it is codswallop!
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