August 1st, 2006

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Should the community be friends-only?


should the community be set so all anon comments are screened, then the poster can choose to unscreen them?


how long have you been a member here?

a day or less
1-3 days
3 days - a week
a week or longer.

just so you know, it doesn't matter how long you've been here, i'm just trying to get a general demographic. thank you. : )

People in parades are strong, are a team, work together, eradicate problems, LOVE EACHOTHER.

*Coughsplutter*  Like i said in a now-deleted post we all get on and know eachother, but we dont really KNOW

Your Name, age, why you love The Black Parade comm, what you do for a living/are you in education?, do you have a picture? if so, post a LINK to it, what you HOPE TBP is, not what you THINK, or ZOMG NEW THEORY, but what you personally hope it is.

1 - My name is Maz.
2 - I am 19 (on Saturday!), i live in Southampton, UK.
3 - I love this community because its bringing MyChem fans together, even if it turns out not to be MyChem related, then we all now have amazing practise at working as a team.
4 - I am unemployed.
5 - My cute *cough* little pierced face is rightttttt here :
6 - I hope that WE are The Black Parade. I hope that this was all planned, for us to join as a team, to grow up as MyChem have been doing, to become as one huge group of friends that will follow 5 amazing men. Isnt it so amazing, that all they do is their job, and yet, we love them so much for it? Can you imagine....An Electricians Parade? Non? Me either.

I am very pleased to meet all of you.

If anyone sees an anonymous nasty. Please hit that little cross button and delete it. Do not retaliate, even if it's a personal attack. Ignore it and move on. We need to show that this can be done maturely. If we all stick together there shouldnt be any need to change a thing around here. People get bored and leave if they realise they wont win. (am i kidding myself here?)

EDIT: OH and because everyone else is doing it! My Myspace is Add me if you like but if you dont speak after about a fortnight ill forget who you were and ill delete you :D
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mod post

Everyone, I need you all to do something for me. From now on, whenever you post some theory, crackpot or not, please put it BEHIND A CUT, so that our member's flists aren't bombarded by things they don't want to see, and they can choose whether or not to read your ramblings.

If you don't know how make an lj-cut, there is a link to the lj faq section about it in the userinfo of this community. Please lj-cut your entry if it is over two paragraphs- RELATIVELY MEDIUM-LENGTH PARAGRAPHS. THAT IS LIKE THIS WHOLE ENTRY IF THERE WERE NO LINE BREAKS (BECAUSE I'M OCD ABOUT TOO-LONG PARAGRAPHS). If i don't see everyone doing this from now on, I will be bugging you on your post until you DO make an lj-cut.

I think i'm more likely to accept alot of theory posts if they're behind cuts- it's less littering and less of an eyesore on flists and the comm itself.

Thank you, and continue on.

edit: oh, and if you've made a post that is still within like the last 5ish posts on the comm and is over two medium paragraphs, please put THAT behind a cut. if you don't i will come and bug you about it. y'all're lucky i'm going to go have a ~*life*~ today or else i'd get to stay home all day and bug about moddy things. : )

edit two mwahaha: I'm going to turn on the screen option for anon comments, because the majority of you voted for that and not friends-only posts. if you are the poster of something and get anon comments, you can choose whether or not to unscreen them.

Okay, I have this so far, not much more than whats already been said.

Okay, This guy, CLARENCE BRANDLEY, Was a janitor, at Belleville high,, But it was in TEXAS. Not in New Jersey. He has nothing to do with anything, unless they got his name from there.
And Accaully, there were SIX annoymous posts on here, from the same person who posted them. I guess We should all be expecting one more, because in Snow White, there were seven dwarves.

The last one was posted TODAY.
As for the one before that, I am not sure whether they are lyrics, maybe from one of their upcomng songs, or a poem. I sure hope this guy isn't throwing us off. The poem type thing was written by Some Physics Professor from Duke. It is entitled "Black Balloons" In her "About the Poetry" section, she was saying the meaning behind her poems, and lots of them are based on some sort of nuclear tragedy/bomb/principle.If any of this has anything to do with those damn Dwarfs... there's also.. "Seven extraordinary, maladjusted individuals and their plight to protect the planet." In Gerard's comic.

A lot of this stuff I got off of this site. I didn't write a lot of this, but maybe there are a few clues in here. Afetr hours of trying to determine, who wrote what, I decided to post this on here, and see if it helps anyone else comes closer.
Also, on The Black Parade's MYSPACE, my friend is in their Top 16. Anyone know why? He wasn't any of the first to add them, and I don't know. Anyone else like that?

ALSO, I just thought of this. In Life On the Murder Scene, Before a show in, London. They had a group of kids in black start marching down the streets with a hearse. A girl was insidea glass Coffin. Could this have something to do with the Snow White stuff?


Okay, so, the "anonymous" poster has obviously been leaving random messages and the like.
We all know that.
But how many can we exactly consider legit?
One of the ones with the poetry, the Emily Dickenson one, someone flat out admitted to pulling that one out of their ass.
So maybe we should just go by (If we're going to go by any) the ones that seem all cryptic and stuff?
Like these:


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Random piece

Of info. I don't think its been mentioned.

The font on the back of TBP stickers is the same font from Revenge when it says, 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.'

Its nothing.. BIG. But.. its something.

It seems like everyone's forgotten...

But can't we already be pretty damn sure that whatever TBP is, it's also the name of the new record? Especially if what anachronismic says is true, which seems pretty likely to me.

I mean, TBP stickers said "October 2006". Pretty much every guy in My Chem has said at one point or another that the record is coming out in October, and that was recently confirmed.

Annnd we know it's going to be a concept record, like Gerard said in Kerrang!, and it seems to me that the theories we keep bringing up involve characters, the David Bowie Theory, etc...

I'm still holding out for more "clues" but I think this is what I'm leaning towards...
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mod post

Okay, I know I'm doing a not good job with leaving Kati[andnightsgrow] ALWAYS to tell the members to use a lj-cut or slow down on the posting. I'm a horrible mod/main. I only made this community cause I figured sometime LJ would find out about TBP and I didn't want fans to spam the MCR-related communities.

I'm hoping this might slow down on the posting with making an AIM chatroom to discuss all this. The room is theblackparade. If you don't know how to get there I'll invite you, my sn is hey00famous.
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official TBP graphics post!

Hey, everyone, I'm making this ~*THE OFFICIAL BLACK PARADE GRAPHICS, POSTERS, AND PHOTOSHOP SHIT*~ post. Comment with whatever TBP-related graphics you've made, posters, or whatnot. : )

To start off, I made a printable poster, and designed it to be exactly like the ones featured in the Detroit TBP poster snipering. here;

Free Image Hosting at

just save it and print it out. scale to your paper, though, and print so that it's going across the paper horizontally plz. [= I thought this'd be good for the kids that didn't get promo shit. Print off however many and plaster them around your town. ^^

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Since we're all about the promoting now (which I'm very grateful for, by the way), I made a little community on an art website I frequent.
For those of you who are a part of Sheezy Art (If you do check it out, Sheezy has been running a bit slow, so don't be discouraged by load time!)
It's nothing special just yet, but I'm going to promote around the site to help get the word out to more fans there.

I'll gladly take suggestions for anything to ad, since I was kind of at a loss for what to put.

<3xoxox Mitsu