August 3rd, 2006

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Hi guys.
Most of you are on the chemicalromance community, but in case you're not someone called umbrellaacademy has just posted the following:

I was right about October 24th wasn't I?

Tracks from the new album include:
"We Are the Black Parade"
and "Mama".

- You friendly neighborhood informant.

Original is here
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gerard good for nothing

Promo Stuff

I'm a member of the MCrmy, but I haven't posted tooo much LATELY, I was wondering, did you have to sign up for a mission to ge the Black Parade Materials, I haven't recieved any yet, I understand people are still recieving things as we speak, so I was just curious....I MUST HAVE THE ITEMS :-D

Demoltion Lovers

some.. stuff?

Hey kids.

I know a lot of you didn't or won't get promo stickers for TBP from Warner because either you're not part of the MCRmy or you weren't one of the 1000 randomly selected to recieve the material.

This bums a lot of people out.

I recieved stickers and here's what i did :

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Dr Who

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Okay, so my friend and I have been discussing any possible TBP theories for some time, when my friend suddenly found something on the offical MCR site.
This to be exactly:
(I also wonder why krash is spelled with a "k", but that's just me being.. me)

She said she hadn't seen it before, and, neither have I. Maybe we're missing something and being paranoid, but I figured I'd post it anyway.
Here's a screenshot of where she found it:

Edit: My friend also thought of a new theory, about killing the DL's, and starting a new story. However, I don't think it has anything to do with that.
I don't know.. It's late, my brain hurts and I'm too confused for my own good. XD

Edit #2: (I'm guessing I sound really obsessed now):
Same friend was watching one of the short videos of Bob and Gerard on Youtube, and she made a wonderful discovery.
If you listen very carefully to the first one, it sounds like Gerard is saying something like: "So quickly it all will be explained.."

For those of you who don't know which vid I'm talking about:

I'll shut up now though. *nods*
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a new theory (i know i know)

In a recent post, there was a link to this thing on the mcr website. it was an animated video of this car falling

and i'd like to thank mortal_vamp for posting this link.
it is a car falling. if you notice, the car never actually crashes. someone suggested it was a Helena reference with "we'll meet again when both our cars collide". but since the car never actually COLLIDES with anything, well...on Revenge, the man never actually got to be with his wife, right? well maybe. i'm thinking that The Black Parade could be the 1000 evil men, their corpses/souls...

And the new record will be called "The Black Parade", and it could be a story about how the man goes about collecting the souls for the Devil and he is reunited with his lover.

I know they want to get away from fiction for their new record, but reading mortal_vamp's previous post and the mind went into overdrive and I kind of came up with this idea.

Just throwing it out there.