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the black parade is... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
'cause My Chemical Romance won't tell us anything!

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WHOAAA!!! [07 Aug 2006|03:12pm]
Go look at www.theblackparade.com RIGHT NOW.
Fire?? Drums??? BOB?
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Just to make you think some more. [07 Aug 2006|03:57pm]
I don't think that it's only a new single. I have a theory that my friend (fallingto_crash) and I
came up with. We've been working on this theory for a while now. Take a look and
tell me what you think.

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Don't know if this is allowed here but: [07 Aug 2006|11:18pm]
My friend has asked me to post this for her, since she has no LJ account:

"I'm sure most of you have heard about Gerard and Bob getting hurt and hospitalized during the making of their video. I'm starting a project to collect get well cards for the guys, and I would love it if you would participate!
Just follow the link over the news box for details. :-)
Thank you!"

Don't mind the rest of the site though, we just started it.
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