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the black parade is... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
'cause My Chemical Romance won't tell us anything!

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[08 Aug 2006|01:26am]
[ mood | content ]

So a car crash caused their injuriesCollapse )

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taken from AP.net [08 Aug 2006|08:39am]
i know it has been said, but its now saying on absolutepunk.net

Samuel Bayer (Green Day, Nirvana, Metallica) will be directing the upcoming My Chemical Romance video for "The Black Parade."

The Black Parade-NEW SINGLE!

Edit: sorry for the quick rough post-i had to go to work and was running late.
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[08 Aug 2006|03:00pm]
From Amanda's new MySpace blog:

I was also told by Steve that the injuries to both Bob and Gerard happend while filming the video for the new single. It was NOT after a car accident like we have seen rumored and sadly even printed in reliable places.
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My theory on TBP - its not out there, it's not glamourous.... its plausible!! [08 Aug 2006|04:30pm]
Ok, I have posted my theory on the black parade on other posts, and had my random thoughts scattered around the place.... so its time to bring it all together, and bring you the thoughts of an evil genius, I mean me!!

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TBP T-Shirts. [08 Aug 2006|08:18pm]
I know some people here were wondering when we that ordered T-Shirts were going to get them. I recieved an email from WARNERBROS. That mine was on back order.
Just wanted to give everyone out there that are waiting for thier shirts to arrive a heads up.

Dear Brandi ----,

Thank you for your recent order.

The Black Parade Logo T-Shirt
is currently on backorder and we expect to ship within the next thirty(30) days.
It is quite possible that we could ship earlier. Be assured that your credit card has not been charged, as we have not shipped the product to you.

Best regards

Online Customer Service
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