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'cause My Chemical Romance won't tell us anything!

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Single information! [13 Aug 2006|04:15am]
posted in chemicalromance

From Absolutepunk.net

My Chemical Romance's new single, "Welcome to the Black Parade" will hit the radio on September 11th or 12th

Oh god im just excited to hear new mcr music! and damn we have to wait a month :/
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Advertising [13 Aug 2006|05:39pm]
So I've been noticing that TBP ads are showing up on websites.

i found this

on http://www.loudside.com

and someone mentioned Absolute Punk.

Anyone else finding the ads in places (that aren't fan posted) ?

Post here and tell me where you've seen it and what it looked like. This could be fun!.
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Drum intrigue [13 Aug 2006|05:52pm]
In these pics from the Summer Sonic gig in Tokyo, has anyone else noticed that Bob's drums have tape on them? Could it be that the tape is obscuring a new spiffy logo? Or the words 'The Black Parade'? *excitement*

Of course, there could be some boring explanation such as they had to borrow some other band's drums or something.

I prefer my theory. There's something exciting under there dammit!
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