August 22nd, 2006

turk and jd


Alright... I need to get this here.... to either out the prankster OR to see if others sites are being played with

I am an assistant manager on the officially mentioned MCR MSN site The Chemical Romance.... and now our boards are being plagued by these riddles..... (from a brand new member)

this AP article is not the final answer!!

the msn site is the official down under site, mentioned on

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So, my friend just told me that last night she saw a commercial for "Paraded in Black" coffee at Starbucks. She said it's a limited time offer and that they're only selling it at the Starbucks in Times Square.

I bet our coffee fiend boys had something to do with this. *shakes fist*

Someone posted that on the MCRmy.

That is, well, I'm not so sure on how to comment on that.
I think it's hilarious, maybe a joke, but it also seems awfully commercial.
Still, I'd buy it :]
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about to go into the cinema but HOLY SHIT you won't believe what's going on.

about 20 people in black robes, hoods and masks - think HP death eaters, completely covered faces - walking silently, followed by the street teamers with TBP banners.

its terrifying.

eta: ergh my brain was melted. I meant I was about to go into the gig, at hammersmith. no idea why I wrote cinema. I think I was being distracted.