August 23rd, 2006

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i just got home from the london gig and guys performed as the black parade for the first couple of songs in the set, they were wearing costumes similar to those seen on the girls from the video shoot. they had a black parade back drop aswell that dropped to reveal and mcr one....blah i'm so tired i'll let somebody else explain.

edit: i might aswell add that before they came on stage there was an announcement saying my chemical romance cannot play tonight...instead we've sent our very good friends. something along those lines anyway

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My Chemical Romance will be performing on Fuse's 7th Ave Drop in September, and if you want to be in the studio and are between the ages of 15 and 25, please send an email with your name and age to

it's getting closer!

edit: i know this is about an MCR performance, but i found this to be legitimate information to post here. considering it's a performance for the new album and they'll be playing a ton of new songs. =)
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Found this on the MCR Livejournal: 
Gerard and Mikey on Radio One....they discuss the new album "The Black Parade" and how its their alter egos and how the album is about this guy who is dying and is retelling his life and then Death comes to him in the form of the Black Parade that was a memory of his when he was a listen to it and hear it for yourself