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the black parade is... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
'cause My Chemical Romance won't tell us anything!

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[31 Aug 2006|03:59pm]
I don't know if anyones in the chatroom or something but if anyone wants to, we can discuss about the pre-show performance. It won't show until 6:30 here. I think it's showing it right now.

the chatroom is theblackparade. if you don't know how to invite yourself ask a friend of yours or IM me and I will.

And if this dies...I'll just delete this :)
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[31 Aug 2006|08:40pm]
I know it's already been posted, but there's a bigger version of the 'single cover' (take this with a grain of salt btw), i've been rejecting all the posts about this in hopes that the originally poster would resubmit, but no luck, so here it is.

the image...Collapse )
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[31 Aug 2006|10:00pm]
I think we figured them all out.

Lyrics!Collapse )
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