September 2nd, 2006

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I know this has been asked before, but has anyone got 2 Black Parade stickers they could post to me? Mine somehow got misplaced on the way home from London and i have a feeling they're on the floor of a tube station somewhere, perhaps got knocked out of the poster tube i had when my friend took her things out of it, i dont really fancy buying more on eBay when i got mine free at the concert in Hammersmith. :(


revised lyrics, yo!

because i'm an OCD perfectionist, i took the lyrics that nomiwolf (in chemicalromance) wrote out for "welcome to the black parade" and revised them slightly. the italicized lines are the ones i listened to about a million times and still couldn't get, so i'm hoping someone else can understand them. anyways, here ya'll go:

revised lyricsCollapse )

*just edited a few lines.
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