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the black parade is... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
'cause My Chemical Romance won't tell us anything!

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[12 Sep 2006|10:40am]
[ mood | happy ]

If anyone in the uk is still stuck for getting a black parade tshirt for whatever reason, I've finally found a shop in london that sells them.

Www.banquetrecords.co.uk - its a shop in kingston (just south of london)
Not sure if you can order then off the website but they definately have them in the shop :-)
They had them in all sizes for a tenner.

Hope that helps someone :-)


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$2 Bill Concert Preview [12 Sep 2006|10:57pm]
I just saw myself and hundreds of others on this preview of the $2 Bill Concert!!

$2 Bill
I hope this link works, otherwise check out mtv.com then look for the pic of Gerard under "Features"

Enjoy! That show was so amazing......
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