September 14th, 2006

turk and jd

Just something i whipped up - whittissshhh

Hey peoples. i have been working on this poster/picture for about a week now (im slow peoples alright - lol)
Its my little bit to advertise/promote the black parade.

EDIT:  I have made a tshirt of the print I designed - and whilst getting that done, found a really good jacket to go along with it.... I am so loving the black parade right now!! PS excuse the photos - I am still a little puffy/red in the face from being
b + w  /  p a w s

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'Welcome To The Black Parade', the new single from My Chemical Romance is available to download NOW! Click here to download at iTunes where you can also get an exclusive album preview.

'Welcome To The Black Parade' is released as a single in the UK on October 9th. The album, 'The Black Parade will be released on October 23rd.


My Chemical Romance will be touring Europe this November (UK dates in bold).

Nov. 08 Stockholm, Sweden Arenan
Nov. 09 Cologne, Germany E-Wrek
Nov. 11 Bournemouth, UK International Centre
Nov. 12 London, UK Brixton Academy
Nov. 13 Liverpool, UK University
Nov. 14 Glasgow, UK Barrowland
Nov. 15 Nottingham, UK Rock City

Nov. 17 Hamburg, Germany Grosse Freheit
Nov. 19 Munich, Germany Muffathalle Nov.
20 Vienna, Austria Arena Nov.
21 Milan, Italy Transylvania

Tickets for the UK go on general sale tomorrow morning, but you can click the link below to access a special fan pre-sale and buy your tickets NOW!
Click here for England fan pre-sale.
Click here for Scotland fan pre-sale.

Sweden - Click here for tickets.
Germany - Click here for tickets.
Austria - Click here for tickets.
Italy - Click here for tickets.