September 16th, 2006


MCR in the new Entertainment Weekly!

Thassa right folks, MCR is in the September 22nd issue of Entertainment Weekly (Jay-Z on the cover), TWICE!
The first is an amusing little piece on how to "Get The Look" of The Black Parade... SEEN HERE
The second mention is that they're the number two most anticipated release this fall...or...I guess technically the second most "Must Have" record this fall (since the issue is "The 25 Must-Have Albums - Fall Music Preview")... SEEN HERE
I bet if everyone wrote letters in full force (mind you, nicey-nice; not "FUCK JAYZ MCR ROXORZ!!!") about how happy you are to see the boys in this current issue, maybe it'd help snag them a real INTERVIEW in EW for once...a simple "I just picked up your current issue and saw My Chemical Romance...I absolutely love them and I'd LOVE to see more" type letter would suffice. Hell, tell 'em why you love MCR, tell them about how excited you are for The Black Parade, just tell 'em you appreciate their coverage and would love to see some more. I've been subscribed to this magazine for years and it's rare I see anything on the band. I'll include their address at the bottom of this post (hint hint).

I'll leave the scans on my site for a while, but if you want to save them for good, I suggest you buy the issue. Feel free to spread the links around!

Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
Include your name, address, and telephone number. (Letters may be edited for clarity or legnth)
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Please, read this.
If you value anything you put up on LiveJournal and the Internet, you will click this. They're threatening to give websites like LJ copyright rights to anything we put up on the internet, meaning anything you publish wouldn't be your property. This isn't just a problem for people living in the US, it would be a WORLDWIDE issue if it went into effect.

Please please please read this and go to the petition site. This is what we have to do to protect ourselves. There is no reason to enact this bullcrap, let's make sure they don't.