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I just found an interesting article:

Frank Iero has spoken exclusively to Rock Sound about the new My Chemical Romance album:

"When we wrote this record the hard part wasn’t us trying to top our last album or write new songs; the challenge was for us to make the best record we can possibly ever make. We wanted to reinvent ourselves as people and everybody that worked on the record put everything they had in it. When you pour out every ounce of gut it is tough and its frightening to have it coming out soon. Some people thought they knew what our band was about, thought they knew who the individuals in this band were by listening to the songs. You will realise you were wrong when you hear the record. It's scary for us but in the end we will think it will be ok. Its like going to your psychiatrist but your confidant is the world. We bared our soul in the music we made for the new record."

Ok, so that fits with the death to their old ways/new characters thing...

also on the forum, someone posted saying that the black parade is the name of the new album but i think it might just be someone who's heard it from someone who heard it from someone else... you know... There wasnt any proof involved...
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