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OhmyGerard I think I got something here...

Okay guys... I'm going on like no sleep here, so bare with me.

This is a good one though,

I promise you.

Okay, right now I'm lacking in the names department, but I'll go back and fix that later.

Yesterday, someone mentioned how the font that said "BUY IT" next to the shirt on TBP site was "the same as the font on the i'm Not Okay shirt" or something to that effect. I realized (at FOUR AM. -_-) that it's also the same font for a lot of MCR things on the official website.


This, to me, means this font is important. It's supposed to mean something. Give us a nudge, maybe, in the right direction?


Think about it. How much is the shirt? $7.99, $11-$12 with shipping. As far as shirts go? That's dirt cheap.


Because they want us to buy the shirt. Obviously, the big sign next to it saying "BUY IT" would make that obvious, but they really want us to buy the shirt.

They made it cheap, and they tried to make us notice it more by making the font the same.

"Hey, if it reminds them of us, they'll probably buy it."

And why?

Because there'll be another clue with the shirt.


Getting back to the Anons for a second... (just a second, c'mon...)

I promise you.

~If the font is the same as this "I'm Not Okay" shirt, that's what this clue was for, I'm guessing. Or as the same person pointed out (will enter name later), there's a verse in "I'm Not Okay" that stood out to her, that basically seemed to tell us what we've been hearing for ages- the answer is right under our noses.

...walk along the tunnel first.

~A nice way of saying what I realized last night- maybe the idea isn't to figure out what TBP is, but how to figure out what TBP is.


And as far as looking over the answer? You can get much more over-look-y than seeing a website 48374838467373 times and thinking there's nothing there.


Alright, so ends my insomnia-induced rant that I got up to write on an old reciept at 4 am. Just remember, it's still a theory, so if I end up being wrong, spare me crucifixtion.


P.S- Twas nadiaxisxrad who brought up the font.
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