o_omcrfanx3 (o_omcrfanx3) wrote in theblackparade,

Okay, I have this so far, not much more than whats already been said.

Okay, This guy, CLARENCE BRANDLEY, Was a janitor, at Belleville high,, But it was in TEXAS. Not in New Jersey. He has nothing to do with anything, unless they got his name from there.
And Accaully, there were SIX annoymous posts on here, from the same person who posted them. I guess We should all be expecting one more, because in Snow White, there were seven dwarves.

The last one was posted TODAY.
As for the one before that, I am not sure whether they are lyrics, maybe from one of their upcomng songs, or a poem. I sure hope this guy isn't throwing us off. The poem type thing was written by Some Physics Professor from Duke. It is entitled "Black Balloons" In her "About the Poetry" section, she was saying the meaning behind her poems, and lots of them are based on some sort of nuclear tragedy/bomb/principle.If any of this has anything to do with those damn Dwarfs... there's also.. "Seven extraordinary, maladjusted individuals and their plight to protect the planet." In Gerard's comic.

A lot of this stuff I got off of this site. I didn't write a lot of this, but maybe there are a few clues in here. Afetr hours of trying to determine, who wrote what, I decided to post this on here, and see if it helps anyone else comes closer.
Also, on The Black Parade's MYSPACE, my friend is in their Top 16. Anyone know why? He wasn't any of the first to add them, and I don't know. Anyone else like that?

ALSO, I just thought of this. In Life On the Murder Scene, Before a show in, London. They had a group of kids in black start marching down the streets with a hearse. A girl was insidea glass Coffin. Could this have something to do with the Snow White stuff?
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