YOU'RE SCOTTISH, FRY SOMETHING (andnightsgrow) wrote in theblackparade,

mod post

Everyone, I need you all to do something for me. From now on, whenever you post some theory, crackpot or not, please put it BEHIND A CUT, so that our member's flists aren't bombarded by things they don't want to see, and they can choose whether or not to read your ramblings.

If you don't know how make an lj-cut, there is a link to the lj faq section about it in the userinfo of this community. Please lj-cut your entry if it is over two paragraphs- RELATIVELY MEDIUM-LENGTH PARAGRAPHS. THAT IS LIKE THIS WHOLE ENTRY IF THERE WERE NO LINE BREAKS (BECAUSE I'M OCD ABOUT TOO-LONG PARAGRAPHS). If i don't see everyone doing this from now on, I will be bugging you on your post until you DO make an lj-cut.

I think i'm more likely to accept alot of theory posts if they're behind cuts- it's less littering and less of an eyesore on flists and the comm itself.

Thank you, and continue on.

edit: oh, and if you've made a post that is still within like the last 5ish posts on the comm and is over two medium paragraphs, please put THAT behind a cut. if you don't i will come and bug you about it. y'all're lucky i'm going to go have a ~*life*~ today or else i'd get to stay home all day and bug about moddy things. : )

edit two mwahaha: I'm going to turn on the screen option for anon comments, because the majority of you voted for that and not friends-only posts. if you are the poster of something and get anon comments, you can choose whether or not to unscreen them.
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