bookworm5006 (bookworm5006) wrote in theblackparade,

"There's more than one birdie singing in your ears.
2 birds from different forests.
2 birds with one tale and 2 ways to tell it.
2 birds unaware of each other, singing songs of different paths, each one leading to the same castle.

This bird sings for your love. YOU are the dreamers.

There's more to this game, more than just a name.

It's a long walk through this forest. No light to be seen. Each step takes you closer from waking from this dream.

We'll love again and we'll dance again. And we'll walk hand in hand together. Again.

Credit for the following theory goes to psiprez on MCR Forum:

the birds:
- the two birds are the two "bands", MCR and TBP
- TBP is not real, it is a fairytale, and in the bizarro MCR world, the two bands are unaware of each other (ala Ziggy Stardust)

the tale (what their music is about, and the album theme):
- the two bands will be telling the same story (since they are both MCR)
- but the story will be delivered in two different ways (two different musical styles, hence the 70's arena rock departure)
- the theme of the new album will be love, picking up where revenge left off
- TBP is a post-death creation in the mind of the main character from Three Cheers
- the forest is purgatory, a journey to the final destination of heaven or hell, with no end in sight
- once his purgatory is over, TBP will cease to exist
- his post-death journey is a quest for love, for the woman from Three Cheers. BUT in his mind he has become TBP, and TBP sings for OUR love (the classic 70's rockstar-fan dynamic)
- when the journey through purgatory is over, the two lovers will be reunited, and us fans will be reunited with MCR (the TBP this is a one album only thing)

Credit to psiprez on MCR Forum for this theory
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