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Okay, so, the "anonymous" poster has obviously been leaving random messages and the like.
We all know that.
But how many can we exactly consider legit?
One of the ones with the poetry, the Emily Dickenson one, someone flat out admitted to pulling that one out of their ass.
So maybe we should just go by (If we're going to go by any) the ones that seem all cryptic and stuff?
Like these:



Oh, but my dears...

You have not figured it all out yet.

There's more to this puzzle, there's more to this game.
Though your snooping is clever, there's more to this name.

I promise you.

You're on the right track. Keep your eyes open. Keeping sniffing.


We parade your efforts, but you're so wrong, even though you're also very right.

It's bigger than you'll imagine it to be. One of you has guessed correctly, but most of you dismissed it and kept guessing. You shouldve stayed with her theory.

You are all Snow White. We are your dwarves.

The answer is staring you in the face. Think about it.


There's more than one birdie singing in your ears.
2 birds from different forests.
2 birds with one tale and 2 ways to tell it.
2 birds unaware of each other, singing songs of different paths, each one leading to the same castle.

This bird sings for your love. YOU are the dreamers.

There's more to this game, more than just a name.

It's a long walk through this forest. No light to be seen. Each step takes you closer from waking from this dream.

We'll love again and we'll dance again. And we'll walk hand in hand together. Again.


I dunno, if there's some I missed, feel free to add them here.
but remember, I'm talking more along the lines of cryptic ones, like it looks like someone but the time into... to maybe actually point us in the right direction.
... Or, confuse the hell out of us.

But I still say we should be taking these with a grain of salt.
Whenever they add a new one of these, we all go running around in circles like chickens with our heads cut off.
But yeah, just... putting this out there.


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