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The storyline of the albums. . .

We haven't really been discussing how this whole Black Parade mystery may tie in to the storyline that has been one of the central parts of MCR's first two albums.

So we all know how the story goes. The tale of a man trying to avenge his ghost by collecting the souls of 1000 evil men. But of course, we all know how this storyline is abruptly ended in "I never told you what I do for a living," when the character receives "two shots to the back of the head" and is killed. What happens next?

"Imsodirtybabex" and I were pondering this thought. . . if in fact "The Black Parade" is the new album, perhaps it is a continuation of the story? You know, maybe the character is reincarnated into a new person, and the plot continues. But even more important. . . how it relates to the theory of MCR reinventing its image, and also being reincarnated in a new form (in a sense).

So yes. . . I think it may be important to take into consideration the storyline from the albums. After all, Gerard did state that MCR would always make concept albums, but also said that the new one was going to be more personal to the band.

Does this make any sense, or is it a bunch of incoherent rubbish?
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