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my title sucked.

You people make me laugh. You'll follow the Ziggy Stardust theory but then say you don't believe certain others statements because it was just something someone said to someone. How are you making any sense? The Ziggy Stardust theory has no factual backing. It's a theory. It is just as valid as me walking up and saying "yo, i had a dream last night that Mikey was dead and so i think it's like The Beatles Paul is Dead Theory". It means shit honey!

This 'something' someone said was said on the MCRmy boards by Vienna. Vienna is rather well known on the boards. I can't see her posting what was said unless she felt that her source was at least somewhat valid.

That Being Said.

You wanna watch my 'theory' pwn all the Ziggy Stardust ones right now?

The Wall.
Pink Floyd's The Wall was this HUGE concept album. Like, the ULTIMATE concept album. It was basically a story about a person called Pink. Pink chooses to build a mental wall between himself and the rest of the world so that he can live in a constant, alienated equilibrium free from life's physical and emotional troubles. Every incident that causes Pink pain is yet another brick in his ever-growing wall.As his wall nears completion, each brick further closing him off from the rest of the world, Pink spirals into a void of insanity, cementing in place the final brick in the wall. Yet the minute it is complete, Pink begins to realize the adverse effects of total mental isolation

Pink Floyd's concept album is a combination of imagination and the author's personal life. The album's germinated during the band's 1977 "Animals" tour when frontman Roger Waters, growing disillusioned with stardom and the godlike status that fans grant to simple rock stars, became disenchanted with the seemingly mindless audience and spit in the face of a concert-goer. Drawing on these feelings of adult alienation as well as the those springing from the loss of his own father during World War II, Waters began to flesh out the fictional character of Pink.

Pink Floyd performed the concert version of The Wall only in a handful of cities

The performances began with an MC reading a list of do's and don'ts (Jim Ladd and Cynthia Fox were the emcees for the Los Angeles shows. Gary Yudman handled the MC duties in New York and London shows. A German actor did the Dortmund shows). Then a "surrogate band" performing "In the Flesh?" composed of Andy Bown on bass (and miming Roger Waters who was singing on main stage), Snowy White on guitar(Andy Roberts would replace Snowy for the 1981 performances), Willie Wilson on drums and Peter Wood on keyboards. The surrogate band wore life masks of the faces of their counterparts in the real band whilst the real band were on the main stage in the dark. Then, a plane crashes and the "surrogate band" stops and freezes and the small stage sinks and the real Pink Floyd come in full view, and a giant wall is constructed by roadies out of 420 cardboard bricks throughout the first half of the performance augmented by appearances by an inflatable teacher, wife and mother. In the second half, the band would be completely obscured from view behind the wall, but still playing.

[Okay so i just worked in our snow white refrence hmm. No to mention the fact that The Wall theory was brought up and dismissed completely at an early stage in speculation.]

Gerard has said a million times that he feels like MCR is a gang. And that we become part of it with him. Pink Floyd's concept was based around a personal relationship to his fans, the way he felt with them. Gerard feels we are part of his gang. MCR is the black parade. WE are the Black Parade. It's a concept but it's PERSONAL (as Gerard has stated on several occasions)

Gerard has been said the album would be more theatrical and we know they like to do concept albums. Continuing with the story of the Demolition Lovers, the third album could absoultely be the concept album that they meant to make when they sat down to do Revenge.

MCR won't become some other band for this album. Pink Floyd didn't become this person . MCR was always this band, and they are telling us this story. It's the ULTIMATE concept album. (a little disappointing since.. didn't Green Day JUST do this with St. Jimmy and American Idoit.. well.. nevertheless)

(funny side note is that one of the tracks on The Wall is called Mother.. while we've tasted a sample of an MCR song tenitively titled Father. LOL)

Gerard spent months of touring afterRevenge came out splattering his face with blood to BECOME the main character from this story of the Demolition Lovers much as Pink Floyd's singer was Pink on stage to some extent while still being Pink Floyd. But Gerard stopped. Revenge was too much personal and much less concept in the end.

They've said in interviews that this album will be less metephorical... more literal. Becoming an alter-ego completely would be a sham to that statement. Becoming Ziggy Stardust would be complete metaphor. However the theatrical Wall-like concept can be competly self-aware, completely literal, but told as a story.

There are just a few Empty Spaces left to fill in.

edit #1
Okay. I'm not saying that i think MCR is goign to BE Pink Floyd. Or do things in the exact manner. My point was leaning toward a concept album done in the same conceptual vein as The Wall. The Wall was a story. It had characters and plot lines and a definitive story. Such a concept album as the orignial concept for Revenge

Edit #2: Why Floyd?
Back right after TBP 'expolosion' a member of the MCRmy posted that she had spoken with her sources at Camp MCR and they wouldn't tell her for sure what the name meant or what the album was about but they told her it was going to be a concept album and they mentioned The Wall. The MCRmy poster ran with her own interpretaions of this refrence. It had been mentioned (in passing) early on here in this community and immediately shot down for the Ziggy theory. I decided to look further into THAT refrence since i found it to have a basis on something more solid than speculation. Yes, the girl could have been wrong. Her sources could have been bad. She felt confident enough in her souces to put it out there (and she's rather well known on the MCRmy baords). So I thought it was worth a shot to look at. I only posted it here when the pieces started falling into places I hadn't expected them to. I also thought it would be nie to have a theory out there that wasn't the Ziggy theory. And it's just a theory. I don't even know if it's a theory i will hold to. I'd prefere to think that they are just gonna cut the theatrics and gimicks and make us a good album...

Edit #3: The Anon. Poster
OKay. I don't know if i think the anon poster is a troll or if it's somone who knows something. I ended up recieving a post from the Anon on this. it was similarly set up as the first one. Whether it was a troll or not i looked at what they'd written. (for those following along at home that would be page two of the comments) and there are several lines that seem to (in my logic) mention another Pink Floy album Dark Side Of The Moon I looked at this as well. Dark Side of the Moon was also a concept album.. a little less theatrical and fictional than The Wall It explores the nature of the human experience, with themes such as time, greed, conflict, travel, mental illness, and death. Which seems a little like the kinda of themes that Gerard spoke of at Fuse in January or that have been mentioned by the band in multiple interviews and such. I dunno.. what do you think?
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