Holy Hallowe'en, Batman (killerxshark) wrote in theblackparade,
Holy Hallowe'en, Batman

a new theory (i know i know)

In a recent post, there was a link to this thing on the mcr website. it was an animated video of this car falling http://www.prod4ever.com/mcr/krash.html

and i'd like to thank mortal_vamp for posting this link.
it is a car falling. if you notice, the car never actually crashes. someone suggested it was a Helena reference with "we'll meet again when both our cars collide". but since the car never actually COLLIDES with anything, well...on Revenge, the man never actually got to be with his wife, right? well maybe. i'm thinking that The Black Parade could be the 1000 evil men, their corpses/souls...

And the new record will be called "The Black Parade", and it could be a story about how the man goes about collecting the souls for the Devil and he is reunited with his lover.

I know they want to get away from fiction for their new record, but reading mortal_vamp's previous post and the comments...my mind went into overdrive and I kind of came up with this idea.

Just throwing it out there.
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