24hrpartyppl (24_hr_party_ppl) wrote in theblackparade,

Please approve this, it's really important:

Guys, I just need to say: I really DON'T think the show cancellation has anything to do with TBP, like any sort of stunt/promo or anything.

This is fucking My Chemical Romance. We love them because they would NEVER do something like that to us, they'd never just pull out of a show or make people think they were pulling out for promo. They don't fuck around with fans, they don't want to mess with people, A) they'd never, ever joke with something people paid money for, and b) they'd never do that to their fans because they love us.

I was just talking about this with people and someone gave me this analogy - 'That's like saying AFI canceled death of seasons tour because of the 336 clandestine mystery.'

Its a puzzle FOR THE FANS, to amuse and interest us - not torment us and steal our money. Purely from a business standpoint, no band would ever, ever, ever cancel a date on no notice because its bad form. And MCR would never do that to their fans. Ever.

No one in their right mind would ever pull a publicity stunt that involved people NOT getting what they wanted, paid for, and expected. That would just piss people off and make them not want to buy whatever was being sold.

So can we please, please not say one more thing about this StreetScene cancellation being ANYTHING to do with TBP?

Let's just wait and see what's up, alright?
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