my heart's a drummer (starlessxlove) wrote in theblackparade,
my heart's a drummer

Reason behind Street Scene Canceling...

Gerard & Bob got injured filming MCR's new video yesterday and are currently in the hospital.
This is confirmed information from an MCRmy member that spoke to someone there that spoke to Steve, the General
this is why they had to cancel their show today.

I'm so scared and worried for them.

I thought I'd let you all know the reasoning behind the canceling.
EDIT:: more news; the source has informed us that her source said Steve said it wasn't EXTREMELY serious, but they are still in the hospital.

Steve is supposed to be officially posting about it tommorow when he has more news.

EDIT TWO:::::::::
someone on the mcrmy spoke to a family member of one of the boys this is what she said:
"I got this info from a direct family member of the band.
Gerard broke his ankle and Bob got burns on the back of his legs, neck and hands. He is bandaged up, but they are both out of the hospital now and will be ok.
The person said and I quote:
"This making of a video should be a real riot!!!!"

So They are okay!!!!!
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