emily_copyright (emily_copyright) wrote in theblackparade,

Just to make you think some more.

I don't think that it's only a new single. I have a theory that my friend (fallingto_crash) and I
came up with. We've been working on this theory for a while now. Take a look and
tell me what you think.

The Black Parade is the new MCR; the name they've given to their new beginning.

With Gerard being sober, and Bob joining
the band, this is their second chance. With this album, they are settling the
death of the old band, and striving forward into the new. With this, they are
saying they're moving forward and not even taking a glimps into the past.

Mikey Way said this was the record they wanted to be remembered for, and he also said that it was like a new band. [Sources from Life On the Murder Scene.] Mikey was telling us how he couldn't even watch a video of them from before. So, if he can't watch then why pretend to still be the same band?

This sort of is like the Bowie/Ziggy Stardust theory.
They are a new band, except they're still My Chemical Romance.

A certain post by anonymous (even if they may be by some twelve-year-old, they still made us think) has pointed to the fairy tale Snow White. When the
hunter is ordered to kill Snow White, he takes her into the woods and almost
stabs her. But instead, he has mercy on her, and lets her go. She takes her
second chance, and hides away

Imagine the hunter being fate and Snow White being MCR. They took their second
chance in full strive, and hid away from their past.

Now, we go back to the fairy tale. When the Queen finds Snow white, she goes to
poison her. Although she does accomplish this, she does not prevail. By the last
light (See Jetset Life) of the storm, she is killed because her cliff falls.

MCR's past is haunting them. They are trying to begone with it, they are trying
to get rid of the poison. This album will do it, granting them their happily
ever after. And if My Chemical Romance is happily ever after, then so are the fans. We are a team with this band- We support them and they support us.
(We are The Black Parade could mean that the fans are apart of this band. The fans are what keep them going.)

When you want something you have to really hope for it. The band hoped for a second chance and hoped for a new beggining. Snow White was kissed by the Prince who was her hope.
When the band over came there obstacles they had to have hope, and hope was their Prince, which gave them thier second chance.

As our last piece of evidence, we go to the infamous car crash that has shown up on www.mychemicalromance.com. The car never actually crashes. The old MCR has died, but they're still MCR, which is why it never crashes.


First I would like to say we did not base this on the anon. postings. S/he just made us think about this, which helped build our theory. Same with the animated car- we weren't really fixed on that being apart of it as much as it made us think.

Also, We are not saying they are changing their name. We are thinking that TBP is a name for the new band they have become in these last years. I'm sorry if this is hard to understand.

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