Extroverted Introvert (chemicallyme) wrote in theblackparade,
Extroverted Introvert

My theory on TBP - its not out there, it's not glamourous.... its plausible!!

Ok, I have posted my theory on the black parade on other posts, and had my random thoughts scattered around the place.... so its time to bring it all together, and bring you the thoughts of an evil genius, I mean me!!

Many people have been suggesting that My Chemical Romance will become The Black Parade, whether that be by changing thier name, to taking on personas/characters of members of this parade.... I do not believe this is what the Black parade is


MCR have built a reputation around that name, and whilst the name is not the end all, it does represent who they are, their struggles in the past, what we have come to know them as.... they live the name, and accept their pasts, they embrace thier struggles to make others aware of what they themselves have went through (namely gerard - but the others are relevant here too) so that we may learn from thier mistakes or simply understand the problems or dangers that some people go through... to change their name would send the worst kind of message, that its ok to change your image/name/who you are, if you wanna gloss over a past you do not like or want - THIS IS NOT THE MCR WAY

MY chemical romance, are and always will be my chemical romance (remember the kiddish excitement when they were talking of mikeys brilliant discovery of a band name on LOTMS - makes me giggle)

So what is the Black parade if it is not MCR rehashed/done up??

Points to note before I go on

- MCR have mentioned in interviews that the make-up etc would not make an appearance in the next album as the make-up/persona it inspired took on a newcharacter during Revenge, and they simply wanted the next album to be themselves
- MCR have never done an album as they are at the moment, Bob came in after Revenge, and even Bullets did not have the "original" 4 at all times as it was a new start, and had beginnings scattered (Frank came in later after leaving his band)
                        What does this mean??

It means that MCR want to be themselves on this album, not a character not a new group - but simply themselves as people - what you see is what you get
As this is the first time they get to be themselves, they are going to embrace that - AND THIS IS WHAT THE BLACK PARADE REPRESENTS
             - the ability to be yourself (no matter how dark or black you are) and to celebrate being ourselves -  what you see is what you should get

.... my chemical romance have said in the past that they are growing older, and getting over thier issues of the past (ie - im not okay), and as a result they want their fans to grow with them - they talk about wanting to reach people with this new album, this is how they will do it
              growing with them, celebrating with them what it is to be 100% yourself, and to be proud of that

the black parade = growth and acceptance of ourselves/themselves

whats huge about that??
everything - it opens the doors for them to do a lot, to change musically and move away from being confined to a character, a theme a story
                 they have changed directors for videos - this is a sign..... they are no longer telling a story (although it obviously had a basis in their realtiy) - they are telling reality as it is, and inviting us as us, not a charatcer is some story to join

This is life as we know it....... how far fetched is that!!


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