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Just a thought...

Has anyone else noticed how everyone in MCR now has black/dark hair??
[well fromm the exception of Gerard ofcourse]
And their whole 'theme' is now black??

I mean Mikey's hair has went black.
Frank's has always been black, mostly.
Ray's afro has went darker; and slightly less afro-ish i must say.
And even Bob's hair is darker, not by much though lol.

I was thinking that maybe it has something to do with 'The Black Parade'??
I mean they dress in black. Hair is now black. And the red and black theme they usually have going has seemed to turn into just a black one.
They are like turning into 'The Black Parade'.
Gerard could of went blonde as he is the leader you know, to look slightly different from the rest of the group.
And there new logo/slogan thing could be "We are The Black Parade".
Therefore their new single is said to be called "Welcome to the Black Parade" and that could be them introducing there new, re-invented selfs to us.
Its just a weird and silly idea but it kind of makes sense in my head.
Just thought i would share.

These pictures might give you a slight idea of what i am on about....

MCR then

MCR now

See the ever so slightly difference??

[i know they have always worn black and stuff but i mean this is slightly more than usual and i might just be reading into it a bit too much but soo..i still think it means something even if its just all in my head lol]

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