Marie (x_storyofagirl) wrote in theblackparade,

That TBP picture with the ghosty figures around the writing ACTUALLY FRIGHTENS ME. If i look at it for longer than a second, i feel sick and really ...scared.

Do we all think it's an album cover, then?
'Cos i was thinking maybe it's a cover for the single...I think the artwork for the album would be much more intense and wont scare me.

Do we have opinions on the two figures at the bottom? (I thought there were three, but the bottom left thing seems to be a splodge :D) Ive heard a couple people say it could represent the fans. But why would they put TWO people, to represent hundreds of thousands of people. Surely they would put a group?

Anyway, it's like almost 2am so im off to bed hopefully i wont have nightmares of 7 transparent men coming to kill me hope you're all well. xxx
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