cherriesat7_11 (cherriesat7_11) wrote in theblackparade,

Costume Research

I did some research on the costumes of the three girls in this picture.

The costumes have a lot of Victorian elements. The middle girl especially. The black overlaid part of her skirt reminds me of the frame for a hoop skirt. The height of the collars also showed up starting in the Victorian era, and the way the sleeves kinda go into a puffed/cap sleeve and then taper is also a Victorian thing. The cut of the bodice is a bit more Elizabethan looking to me, but those bodices were usually pointed at the bottom, not blunt, although I saw something quite similar to this bodice (up until the neckline) in the 1725 section of my mom's costume book. The buttons up the bodice are also Victorian. As for the other girls, the double-breasted sort of military thing they've got going on with the bodice began around 1815, several years previous to the dawn of the Victorian era, and crops up again in the 1835 section, also slightly previous to the Victorian era. There are clear modern elements like sheer fabrics and the shortness of the dresses and then we have the Bladerunner mask bars that definitely give me a superhero/supervillain feeling. The whole thing screams Gerard, if you ask me. "I've just seen a really awesome play that my girlfriend dragged me to called Shockheaded Peter. It's very much the kind of thing that both of us are into- it was very Victorian, it was very cabaret, and it was very dark." (Rest of the interview here: ) It's kind of funny how this is popping up at the same time that fashion is showing a lot more Victorian/military stylings and dark, punk elements. Not to mention black is finally the new black, as it should be. =] We'll just have to wait and see what happens, eh? Oh, and if you want to know where I'm getting all this information on what parts of the costumes came from where, it's What People Wore illustrated by Douglas Gorsline.
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