young beast from the east (saltyliquorice) wrote in theblackparade,
young beast from the east

More TBP Theories

hopefully everyone's up to date with what's been going on in the community.

that being said....let me just throw some ideas at ya and see what you think.

a) The "Ghostly Image" on

we know it's the guys. we know it matches the background in the Video Picture. We know the font used is the same font as the backdrop MCR used for Summer Sonic. We know there is more than likely an inverted image of the guys on the bottom of the picture itself.

b) The Leaked Video Picture

one possible main character and two possible supporting characters. main character had bleach blonde hair, a la Gerard. supporting characters have brown hair, like (most of) the guys in the band. characters are wearing what appear to be Victorian - inspired outfits.
i remember seeing a casting call for the new MCR vid which referred to the costuming as "dark", "Victorian", and "military". My Chem likes to think of themselves (and fans) as a gang, a army.

basically what i'm getting at is that the video (and the whole album, for that matter) may deal with mirror images. the guys and the girls....the images of the guys.....seeing the side of yourself you don't like? fighting the opposite of yourself? realizing we all have two sides to our personality?

andnightsgrow mentioned mirror images and smoke and mirrors, which led me to thinking.....smoke and mirrors...illusions...disillusionment...unhappy with the *rawkstarr* lifestyle??

Gerard has mentioned the new album as being more self-aware and having some self-hate going on.....

anyway, just some late-night rambling to chew on.
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