young beast from the east (saltyliquorice) wrote in theblackparade,
young beast from the east

TBP/New MCR Inspired by Blade Runner?

alright, this one has been stewing in my brain since i saw the platinum hair pictures....

most of us know about Gerard's love of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, no?
(use of Pris' eye-band makeup being an example)

anyone else notice how he now looks similar to Roy Batty?? (Rutger Hauer, antagonist to Rick Deckard/Harrison Ford in the film). is it possible it's on purpose, and more than just looks? i'm going somewhere with this, i promise.

in the film, Batty's dilemma is the fundamental question of WHO am i and who will validate his existence? he KNOWS he only has a certain amount of time to live - and only a small amount within that time frame to do something so that he will not be completely forgotten once he is gone. the dilemma of making your mark stands out to me because of Gerard's comment on how "every album takes you closer to the death of your band."

a good example of these ideas are here:

this article also brings up the themes of salvation and redemption, which Gerard has confirmed will be on the new album.

geeky, if not interesting!
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