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Extroverted Introvert

Putting all the clues together, and coming up with another idea...

Okay, so we have started to see a lot more things happening on the black parade front
- the video pic
- the kerrang interview
- "ghosty" MCR on the black parade website
- the gerard blonde photo (long ago i know)

But how do we fit it all together??

First I must say thanks to the other threads recently that have got my mental state in the rather precarious place it is at the moment!! So thanks to
saltyliquorice with http://community.livejournal.com/theblackparade/41507.html, cherriesat7_11 with http://community.livejournal.com/theblackparade/41274.html and to everyone who has commented on these and other boards - Oh and also a big thanks toandnightsgrow for patiently typing up the Kerrang article for us all - see here http://andnightsgrow.livejournal.com/98405.html

Okay.... so i guess I better start saying something good.

Okay, the new video pic has raised a lot of ideas of being set in a post apocalyptic world... the chaos around the girls, the darkness of the imagery and the future type feel we get from the picture despite, as many have pointed out the Victorianesque dress. We also know that this is the SECOND OF THE TWO VIDEOS that was made, as Gerard makes reference to himself and Bob being hurt in the second video (see Kerrang article).

So if we take it that the setting is a post apocalyptic world, then we see that MCR, by being in the video are survivors of this world. They have arisin from the ashes of the dead world, and remained alive to see the new world form (see the other journals for views on phoenix rising from the ashes).... This then to me, screams the rebirth of MCR.... we have a new look MCR (evidenced by latest Japan photos and of course the new font).....we have an MCR that are moving in a new direction lyrically and musically (as stated in many interviews of late)

This video will be the new MCR, moving on from the past life, to embrace the now and the future

so this has kinda been said - so why a new thread..... well i wanna attempt to bring the other clues into this

1) The Gerard blonde pic - this pic had the words MCRBPCHAR.TEST.002 on the bottom..... now we all thought char= character, and most likely it does, but char is a word in itself - is this reference to the fire in the video?? Probably not, but it got me to thinking (like the sneaky little detective I am) - what if this was the pic of Gerard after the fire, the way gerard was supposed to look after the rebirth of MCR?? This got me really ready to believe that this new video is the rebirth of MCR, and that this look is here to stay
> so what of the first video that MCR made, what of the number 2 attached to the blonde pic..... well I believe that the number 1 will have a pic of gerard the way we used to know him, the black haired gerard we all know and love!! (I realise this could be photo two, or attempt two or whatever... just run with me) So - video 1 = gerard (and mcr) as we knew them, video 2 = the new mcr, new haircuts, threads, logos the whole deal. And as video 2 = the rebirth of MCR (as their brand spanking new selves) video 1 = the death of old MCR..... its for the same song (i believe) but we will have alternate endings.....

so basically MCR are their own black parade (although this will still be used to form the group name of fans and thus unite us all as we have said in the past)... they are burying themselves, and are the paul bearers at their own funeral.... this is the theme!!

2) Ghosty MCR - this ties in with the above: the death of MCR.... and the fact, that they are still here, just in another sense

3) The Rise and Fall of My Chemical Romance - yeah yeah, i know, the hoax title that Mikey gave to us. But what if this was a secret clue from the start, wjhat if this really was telling us what to expect?? Video 1 = the fall, video 2 = the rise..... we have been thinking of the title as pessimistic as it does not say the fall and rise, but the rise and fall...... but what if, the rise = the new MCR??

Okay, i better finish now, before i create the worlds longest thread.... but that is my new idea as to theme of the Black parade

Tell me what you think - no matter how brutal it is!!

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