lovecat (robertslovecat) wrote in theblackparade,

Riddles, Codes, Secrets and Theories...

i found messages on 'themychemicalromance' msn site in the forum
heres the like to forum

they had hdden messages which appear when you highlight the whole message

All the ones that i have read i copied and pasted in to word

These are the messages...

Now come one come all to this tragic affair
Wipe of that make-up - what's in is despair
So throw on the black dress
Mix in with the lot
You might wake up and notice you're someone you're not
The things that we write should not give you fright.
If you follows the clues it will bring you some news.
You friends have not figured what we have done, won't you take a guess and have some fun?
A few of us were sent to spread the word.
The answer to our riddles is something others yearn.
Not even half the puzzle has been solved.
I have come to you not to lead you astray, but to show you the light to find your way.
If you follow the clues that we leave for you, there's might be a possible treasure for you.
We make not these riddles to boggle your mind, but to tell you the truth only you must find.
Take what we say as something you need,
for The Black Parade will make sure you succeed.
The things that we say and the things that we do, only will bring us closer to you.
Your words and your puns do not impress us, for we are the ones that you must trust.
We might be a member from your beloved band, you may never know so we must take stand.
The Black Parade has warned you to come, follow us now a learn where we come from.
Learning and teaching is what we do best, this is the only beginning of the quest.

And these are the hidden messages...

Hidden messages lay buried above theres words.
Welcome To The Black Parade.
Have some fun.

the black parade is coming for you all
We come and we stay and we come as we go, things like this we can only show.
Riddles and sentences and words and lines, bring you closer to what you may find.
The Black Parade will come and will take.......
"She's got the shakes, got the shakes...."

Iam unsure weather these are in order . I have been an MCR fan since the begining and they have not once let me down so i have no fear that they will stat now i have compleat faith and trust in them..


I have come up with a few Theories on The Black Parade subject...
having read all i posts on sites on the subject i have agreed with some other theories and made my own up.

For instance...The black parade could possibly mean change for mcr.. they could possibly rename them selves The Black Parade and bury them selves as mcr and be a completely different band, as like the double video theory it ties in, they could no longer be MCR. It could make sence for a name change because Gerard was addicted to drugs and the name My Chemical Romance realy applied to him because his drug addiction was a chemical romance. He has said before they leaving the past in the past this could mean because he isnt addicted to drugs anymore that name doesnt realy fit now, and because The band them selves hae changed mentaly they hae decide to bury the past once and for all and arise and The Black Parade, this could be why they have changed there appearance. From the sounds of it the album is gonna sound very different than enything else they have done. (even my mother who h8s mcr is hooked on the edge of her seat about TBP)

Gerard said before they took big risks in making this album and from the sound and looks they have, from one of the clues given.
''We come and we stay and we come as we go, things like this we can only show.''
This could mean they change through appearance as they have done in the past but deep down they are allway the same people, it could mean because they have not been about much because of making the album and all that, they go quite every now and then , the only way to show they are here is to SHOW it, in order to this they changed appearance as they have done this in the past with Gerards hair cut b4 change of costume.

WIth the ''We Are ..'' on the bigining of the black parade logo on the site could be because WE are actuly the parade, its our fan name, like slipknot has Maggots We Are The Black Parade, We are all one big family, one big group and we are being lead buy Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Ray, Frank, they are our leaders and all together we make the black parade, We are one big gang!

As for the video thing, i have no idea, people have theories that its 2 vids to the same song but i dont know,, it is possible, i mean they hae got the same guy who pulled it off for greenday, if they do a double vid i think that one would be the rise and the other will be the fall of mcr. in other words one will be mcr dieing (fall) and the other them being reborn as the black parade (rise), Ziggie Stardust was the same, he told everyone he will never perform again and returned as David Bowie, it is a simular thing with mcr/the black parade, mcr are so wraped up as being mcr, maybe the black parade is a way to show the world the real them!
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