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Ok, so since no-one has yet, im going to give a full update on yesterday :-)

At 2pm the street team people who had been picked met outside the hammersmith apollo. dressed entirely in victorian funeral-esque outfits. hell yes.
When the street team leader FINALLY turned up, he gave us HUGE black parade signs on sticks and loads of posters and a tshirt each. Oh, and mailing list sheets. He still wouldnt tell us what was happening - all he told us was that we had to parade up and down the queue, get in everyones faces and promote the arse off the black parade. Even though we hadnt got a clue what it was.

So we headed over to the venue, people were like 'wtf?' (for the record i was the one with the hat and i was with the guy with long black hair and a suit) we were screaming about the black parade like it was the new jesus or something. It was funny as hell because everytime someone stopped to ask us what we were 'preaching' all we could say was that 'we dont know.'

Uhm, yeah so all the street team leader told us was to be back at the tube station by quarter to 6 because a 'stunt' was going to happen. He wouldnt tell us what or anything. So we headed back to the tube and about 20 people dressed in dementor like outfits turned up... proper scary. and we followed them in like a proper slow funeral procession back to the hammersmith palais.
When we got there we were belting out Helena and trying to make people sing along. Not alot of people did :-(

Then after we'd walked up and down the queue, we waited across the road from the venue in a line, whilst the wierd people in black costumes just stood there trying to freak people out.
Proper fun.

So yeah, tiring day. Got filmed loads for the new DVD. :-)

Inside the venue, the lights dimmed after Enter Shikari and an announcement came over the loudspeaker saying 'im afraid MY chemical romance will not be able to play today due to unforseen circumstances. However they've asked some of their good friends to play instead.' At this point i was going mental and screaming 'the black parade' at the top of my voice :-) haha.

Then All we heard was Gerards voice singing the lyrics that were sent to us in that email. then after the first verse, the curtain dropped and there was a huge black parade banner behind them. The song was AMAZING. Cant remember what it was called. Then they played another new one (again, cant remember what it was called)

After a few songs, the banner dropped and was replaced by a my chemical romance one and gerard said 'Dont worry, we are really my chemical romance.'

They played a new song called 'cancer' and 'house of wolves' The cancer one made me nearly ball my eyes out. so sad.

They played the golden oldies too. :-) Helena, I'm not okay, you know what they do to guys like us in prison etc.

Gerard said, and i quote him: 'we are the black parade and YOU are the black parade.

So thats what the black parade is... hahaha.

The mystery is over. kind of.

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