Extroverted Introvert (chemicallyme) wrote in theblackparade,
Extroverted Introvert

I was sleeping... and had the weirdest dream - a new idea??

Okay... this thread may not even get through as it all has to do with me having one of the weirdest dreams ever - damn you the black parade

but something stood out to me

I will not bore you with the dream - just lets say it involved me being on two continents simultaneously, TBP/MCR appearing out of nowhere and me getting to the stage first, and me buying The Black Parade record at Target (WTF?? seriously, target.... pop central)

Anyhoo, on making my purchase (in my dream) I looked on the back cover of the record, and though that I must have picked up the wrong CD, as it looked like the back of Green Days American Idiot.. Why?? Because two of the songs were broken down into little titles (as per Jesus of Suburbia) - The two songs were Welcome to the Black Parade and, not so sure on the other
                  > what if MCR are doing their bohemian rhapsody here - a long song...... what if the two videos are actually for the one song, but had to be broken into two parts, that will later become the whole. I know they wouldnt separate WTTBP into smaller titles a la Green day - you'd be accused of cashing in.... it just got me thinking of the above points..... I know that WTTBP has been played (still havent seen it due to bloody internet).... butwould MCR really give away the title track so easily?? Would they not want that to be saved.... maybe they are saving part of it for later

Anyhoo - I know this is just a crazy dream and has 0.05% basis in reality.... I just thought id attempt to share what they are doing to me!!

And another thing (just for shits and giggles)
..... it had 21 tracks on it !! (21 is my lucky number... so, thats prob why i saw that)

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