Viva Hate (mandlebars) wrote in theblackparade,
Viva Hate

Hey Everyone,

So now that my mother likes My Chemical Romance she's been following this TBP stuff. We watched the video from the TBP email and she made the following remarks:

"Gerard and Frank look like pixies from Enid Blyton books"

"That one at the end (Bob) He's very uncomfortable he fidgets too much and looks like he wants a hug"

"Those two talk to much" (Frank and Gerard)

Then after nit picking them she announces:

I find it funny that you like them it seems they want to be David Bowie and well you know how I am about Bowie, really you kids should just admit you want to listen to your parents music collection; but I guess every generations needs something to believe in, at least they give kids respect and they are intelligent boys.

That what happens when you go on and on about TBP (and the theories posetd in this comm to your mother. She also watched LOTMS with me).

[edited for typos]
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