YOU'RE SCOTTISH, FRY SOMETHING (andnightsgrow) wrote in theblackparade,

okay i'm really tired and for some reason i clicked 'reject' instead of accept, so here is someone's post i just rejected about bob...

This is from a reliable member of the MCRmy(the real one, not the fake one).
This is serious.
Please Read this.

*Name taken out* asked me to post this to give you the entire story. I think she is busy contacting people that were going to meet up.

As you know I speak to a close relative of the band via email. This is so serious that this person gave me her phone number and told me to call for the whole story.

So this is it. The infection went into his bloodstream and is in his head. The reason he had the icepack in his mouth wasn't for his mouth or teeth, it was to try to keep the swelling down in his head. After last nights show Bob went to the hospital and was told they caught this infection just before it got to his brain. He is on IV antibiotics and likely will be for a while. He is going home to Chicago since this is likely to be an extended stay.

The likely hood of all concerts in the near future to be cancelled is very high unless they get a temporary drummer while he recovers.

I spoke to someone that was already at the venue and a representative told them, "Please know the band is sorry and wanted to be there, but they want Bob well, they considered a substitute drummer for the shows, but decided against it. They want to be a whole band."

The person I spoke to, said they would keep in touch and let me know of any further development.

But this is serious, and can be fatal if not treated, so lets keep Bob in out thoughts and prayers!

In all honesty, he shouldn't even have performed at the VMAs

*Name taken out*

I thought it was just a staph infection but whatever. =[ and sorry i rejected your post, whoever you are. and please everyone, DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH. he will be fine. there are antibiotics and all sorts of things to help with serious infections, just pray and he'll be fine. :[
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