24hrpartyppl (24_hr_party_ppl) wrote in theblackparade,

Just saw the Welcome to The Black Parade video on UK MTV2 Spanking New Music about 10 minutes ago. So keep an eye for when that comes on.. its a few times a day, I think.

I'm excited to see it, but.. it's still a Sam Bayer video.

Band doing performance only? Check.
Random other people doing the acting parts? Check. I thought/hoped Gerard would play The Patiet.
Shot in his dirty airplane hangar with an inserted background? Check.
Scratchy, 'old-looking' film quality? Check.

There were even a couple of details that he'd used before in Green Day vids. Like the 'main character' seeing the band on a TV screen, like in Jesus of Suburbia, and this sort of motion thing, you can see it most clearly in this shot of Bob.. it wasn't exactly slow-motion or fast-motion, it was just a weird kind of robotic motion that's clearly done post-production, but I've seen him use the same kind of movement thing on Green Day.

Did anyone else notice any other Sam Bayer trademarks?

I like the black-and-white though, it sort of works, and I mean obviously they look cool playing at the front of the Parade and all. I mean, obviously I like it. It's MCR.

I just think Marc Webb could have done it better. *sulks*

Sam really seemed to like Bob, though.... loads and loads of close-ups of Bob, like.. more than anyone else in the band besides Gerard. Hee hee.
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