mcr_b1ackparade (mcr_b1ackparade) wrote in theblackparade,

Hot Topic - - Preordered TBP! (PICS)

So I pre-ordered The Black Parade from Hot Topic.
And I just wanted to post a few pictures of what I got so far!

The pre-order came with a cute little envolope with a gift
card and a coupon for 15% off anything BLACK =]

All Three Things FRONT:

All Three Things BACK:

Envolope FRONT:

Coupon BACK:

Gift Card BACK:

I'm so excited to get all this.
My local hot topic is doing a Listening Party on the 20th, and I get to hear the whole album.
And on the 24th I get to get the album before anyone else. SQUEE!
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